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We are an IT company fit for the 21st century. Our long experience guarantees to our clients that we offer them only useful and durable products. The information technology is a crucial for a modern company. And we are here to make it a reliable assistant for you. This discipline is very complex. However, our experts know what they are doing and they are ready to prove it to you.

Our services

We know how to: get for you, set up for you, repair for you and provide you, among other things, with the following articles:


We will analyse the current state of your network. We will show you its weak points and potential problems that could arise from them. If needed, we will propose you a better layout of the infrastructure of your network.

We will take care of the administration and upkeep of all of your IT devices and equipment (printer sharing, automatic central back up, security etc.).

A slow Wi-Fi connection, paper jammed inside the machine, electronic record keeping system, home office - all this is our cup of tea (not too close to the keyboard, of course).


The Servers are usually the heart of the IT infrastructure of any company.

Our speciality is the servers using the operating system MS Windows. We will propose and recommend you the number of servers your organisation will be needing, their parameters and settings. Also, we will advice you regarding the  authorizations (access rights of your staff).

Once agreed, we will provide you with all the devices, we will install them, set them and we will conscientiously take care of their upkeep. So that you do not need to worry about anything.

In case you need to get a new server, we will help you to migrate the old one to the actual one. We will ensure you a smooth and painless transition in order to avoid all useless blackouts and outages.


Nowadays, the Cloud saving is very trendy. And it is not for no reason. It brings to the users a lot of advantages. The data warehouse is out of your premises. It means, it is safe even if a natural or any other disaster hits your company.

If you need to make a secure back up, access your data from anywhere and have it all synchronized, we are ready to help!

We can also manage for you more advanced cloud services. E.g. Installation and configuration of your VPS (virtual private server), mail servers, web hosting or application of a unified work environment.


With our help your IT devices will be protected from malware, viruses and hackers that are  snooping around. However, in this domain, we can offer you much more...

We can design and install on the spot a surveillance camera system. We are aware of possible differences between companies. So, after choosing the most suitable products for your needs, we will test them and find all the flies in the ointment.

In tight cooperation with the experts we will recommend you the most convenient electronic security system connected to the Alarm receiving centre.

We will take care of the administration and the upkeep. Including the communication with a third party (security agencies, etc.).

HW and SW supplies

We will provide you with reliable and time-proven hardware and software. We will purchase for you all new devices, check and test them, put them into operation following your requests, so that you do not need to worry about anything.

We can get for you almost anything - not only printers, network components, etc. But also mouse devices, keyboards, time and attendance systems, telephones (also VOIP), back-up power source (uninterruptible power supply as well as surge protectors).

As always, we ensure a complete service of these products. I.e.: failure analysis, warranty claim, regular check-ups, etc.

Training courses and consultation

We can teach you how to help yourself. We will gladly prepare for you a useful training course where you will learn about our activities and become more independent.

Also, we are ready to create a custom manual and handbook for you (in English, Czech, Spanish or French).

We do not want you to get lost and waste your time just because we chose for you a newer and better procedure than you were used to apply.

Besides that, we organise MS Office and Google Suite courses, of course. Also, we can help you to understand - as a user - other systems, if you need.

Our goal is to develop your PC skills, so that you can be more effective at work.

Why choose us and not the others?

If you are still hesitating, think about all the benefits that the cooperation with us can bring you.

Years of experience

Quick and efficient thanks to the remote administration

Reduce your IT department expenses

Available and ready to help 24/7

Flexible to any request

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